Meet Our Intern

Heidie Ambrose
PPF Programs and Partnerships Intern

We are delighted to introduce our new intern, Heidie Ambrose, to our team at PPF. Heidie is hard working, insightful, and a very thorough researcher. As an intern, she offers fresh perspective and a new voice to our discussions.

Heidie Ambrose.jpg

What is your neighborhood park?
Rockwood Central Park

What is your favorite thing to do in a park?
I love to go hiking with friends and exploring playgrounds with my nephews.

What inspired you to join the Portland Parks Foundation?
I'm interested in the non-profit sector, and care deeply about Portland's green spaces.

What are you most excited to learn about during your internship?
I'm excited to learn more about development, as well as the grant application and review process. It's especially helpful to be a part of the grant program that PPF facilitates. I'm starting to understand what an organization is looking for in an application and getting excited about the proposed projects.