Top Summer Camps

Photos courtesy Portland Parks & Recreation

Got a little behind on that summer camp planning? Not to worry – Portland’s Parks Bureau has you covered.

This is the first ‘Top 10’ blog that was nearly impossible to narrow down to just 10. The 350+ options I had to leave out (Mandarin Camp, D.I.Y. Nature Camp) of this list looked fascinating, fun and educational. Portland Parks & Recreation really outdid themselves providing Portlanders with affordable and amazing experiences for children this summer. My picks below and the 350+ others can be found on the easily searchable activities database here:

1.    Daily Destinations [Pictured in header]
Make every day a field trip! Use public transportation to explore & investigate the beauty of the region around us. Discover new places & experience familiar ones while increasing your knowledge of our area through tours, games and other activities. Let's go!

2.    Adaptive Recreation
Summer is for everyone in PP&R’s great adaptive recreation programs. Learn to skateboard, go hiking and enjoy all that Portland’s parks provide in these fun and engaging camps all summer long.

3.    GirlStrength and Skate Like A Girl
Power up this summer with girl-focused camps on self-defense techniques, self-confidence strategies, and skating skills.

4.    Kindergarten Readiness Camp
If your little one is starting school this fall, you might think of this camp as a good refresher of all those skills they need to become a great part of their new classroom.

5.    Capture the Flag, Pickleball and Other ‘Traditional’ Sports
Portland Parks & Recreation really knows how to get kids to be active.  Multiple sports camps across the city mix it up and teach students different sports each day and every week.

6.    W.I.L.D. Camps
Wilderness Insight Learning & Discovery - W.I.L.D. Get your little ones out into the urban forest to learn more about rocks, trees and the wildlife that call our urban parks home. Great for that adventurous soul who loves our nature parks.

7.    Jr. Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, Camp Leader and Babysitter Trainings
Nothing better than making a little extra money during the summer. Get your teenager ready for future job success in these job training sessions for pre-teen and teenagers.

8.    Carnival of the Orchestra and Other Music Camps
The Community Music Center never ceases to make music discovery fun and interactive. Your child will be tooting their own horn by the end of the summer with the music skills they’ll learn here.

9.    Finger Painting to Choreography
Look no further than the Multnomah Art Center for inspiration and instruction for your little dancer or artist. All mediums and forms can be explored this summer at the MAC.

10.    SUN Community School Camps
Expanding the service area beyond Portland Parks & Recreation facilities, the SUN Community School camps provide opportunities to explore cooking, theater, arts, environmental adventure and sports recreation.  There is something there for every kid in every neighborhood this summer.

Now go out there and get into some fun before summer is over!