Leave a Parks Legacy

Planned gifts support our ongoing work to build, improve and protect Portland parks forever.

Since 1854, Portland’s parks have benefited from the vision and leadership of private citizens. The generosity of individuals like you has helped to create the beautiful parks that we enjoy today, and your planned gift can offer the same benefit for future generations of Portlanders.  You can support our long-term efforts to sustain Portland’s parks by naming the Portland Parks Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate and becoming a member of our Legacy Circle.

Questions? Contact Kristie Perry, Development and Communications Director at kperry@portlandpf.org or 503-445-0994.


Make a bequest by including Portland Parks Foundation in your will or living trust for a specific amount of cash, a percentage of your estate, or designated other assets. You may be able to take an estate tax deduction worth 100% of your gift’s value.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Transfer assets to a charitable remainder trust to support loved ones and Portland Parks Foundation. A charitable remainder trust provides income to select beneficiaries for life, or a term of years, and the remainder interest is paid to the charity of your choice.

Charitable Lead Trust

Transfer assets to a charitable lead trust to support Portland Parks Foundation in the present and your family in the future. You can use a charitable lead trust to support one or more charities of your choice for a lifetime, or term of years, after which the trust assets return to you or your family.

Life Insurance / IRA Beneficiaries

Name the Portland Parks Foundation as beneficiary of all or a portion of your life insurance policy or retirement plan assets. Your estate will receive an appropriate charitable estate tax deduction.
For more information about planned giving, please consult your attorney or a charitable gift planner in your area. This information is for educational purposes and is not intended as legal advice.