Top Portland Park Views

Long days and warm nights make for fine evening picnicking opportunities in Portland.  Below are our favorite Portland views in alphabetical order that afford plenty of exploring or dining opportunities. Pack that basket, hop on your bike and head out to a vista near you!

1. Clatsop Butte [pictured above]: Clatsop Butte and neighboring natural area make this a perfect afternoon exploration.  Whether viewing Mt. Hood from the green grass or walking the wooded paths, this park will provide a feast for the eyes.

2. Council Crest: This former amusement park location boasts one of the best views of the metro area and beyond.  On a clear day, one can see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Rainier from this park.

3. Dickinson Park: This tucked away SW Portland Park displays sunset views silhouetting the hills facing westward.  Long meadows provide plenty of space to and enjoy the dusk colors.

4. Joseph Wood Hill Park – a.k.a Rocky Butte: This historic park at the top of another cinder cone is well worth the breathtaking views of the Columbia Basin, Cascades and beautiful stonework done by the WPA in the 1930s.

5. Kelly Butte: This rustic wonder on the East side of Portland is worth the visit for those that are courageous and aren’t afraid of explorations off trail.

6. Powell Butte: The varied landscape of this butte is topped by a spectacular view of the Cascade Range and neighboring foothills. Well worth the hike to the top.

7. Mocks Crest – a.k.a Skidmore Bluffs: Part of a geologic form called Willamette Escarpment that runs from Milwaukie through North Portland; this spot is one of the best along the way. The location of this park right on the edge of the escarpment makes it a perfect sunset viewing location.

8. Mt. Tabor: This Portland favorite hosts a little of everything within its boundaries and boasts one of the best views of the Portland cityscape.

9. Pittock Mansion: Just a few feet in elevation below Council Crest, Pittock Mansion’s views of Portland and the Cascades fill photo books of most tourists and locals alike.

10. Terwilliger Boulevard: With 6 identified viewpoints of the river, city and beyond, Portland’s 100+ year-old parkway is worth a visit by foot or bike.

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