Top Winter Hiking Trails

Winter is one of the best times to get out and enjoy the many trails our 215+ parks offer.  The combination of cooler temperatures and fewer crowds make hiking a great winter season sport.  Show us your favorite winter hiking trails by posting your pics here and we’ll keep a list of the best spots on our website for future urban hiking enthusiasts!

1. Forest Park: Of course.  With more than 80 miles of hiking reverie, it is easy to experience nature up-close in this park.
2. Powell Butte: The varied terrain and views of surrounding mountains in this 612 acre park are well worth the climbs on this extinct volcano.
3. Marquam Park: The Marquam Trail climbs steadily through SW Portland connecting several parks on its path through the lush forest of fir, hemlock, cedar and maples.  Most hikers end for a welcome rest at the vista point at Council Crest Park.
4. Marshall Park: If you are looking for a less-traveled traverse of Tryon Creek, you should try Marshall Park.  The creek provides a small waterfall and tranquil music throughout this 25 acre hiking area.  If the trails here leave you wanting for more, the next park listed below is very close by.
5. Tryon Creek State Park: 8 miles of hiking trails and a wonderful visitor center are the jewels of this 658 acre state park.  It is one of the only state parks that doesn’t require a fee, but parking can be difficult so it might be best to access via bike if possible.
6. Woods Memorial Natural Area: The trail in this park boasts only 2% non-native plants thanks to the diligent work of volunteers from the neighborhoods surrounding the park.  Woods creek also provides a greater opportunity to see native wildlife as well.
7. Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge: Anyone who knows birds knows about Oaks Bottom.  At the time of its protection, it was one of the only remaining marshland in Portland.  Continual restoration has made it a park that changes dramatically with the seasons and promises each season’s varied winged wetland companions.
8. Washington Park: Home to Hoyt Arboretum and many of Portland’s most iconic memorials and gardens, Washington Park has a little of everything for the day trekker. History, art, beauty and paths for contemplation.

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