Barbara Walker Crossing

Upcoming Closure Dates

Things might be quiet out there on the sides of West Burnside, but there is plenty of action taking place at Supreme Steel's shop where the steel sections of the bridge are currently being fabricated. Over the next few weeks, Supreme Steel will complete fabrication. When done, these sections will be relocated from the shop in NE Portland to West Burnside and craned into place. During this time, Burnside will be closed between NW Hermosa Blvd and NW Barnes Rd.

The scheduled closure for this section of Burnside is from 7pm on Friday, September 13 to 4am on Monday, September 16. Please note that we will not be blocking any local access to the streets along Burnside. The full closure will be between Hermosa and Barnes.

We will send out complete details of the closure within the next week. At this time, we wanted to inform you about the date and send some pictures from the steel fabrication shop.

Thank you again for your support and patience as we near the finish line of the Barbara Walker Crossing.


We have a Pier


It’s been an exciting month for the Barbara Walker Crossing. Things are really taking shape. Concrete has been poured for the north and south abutments and for the pier on the south side. As you drive (very slowly) passed the site, you will now see the pier sticking up on the south side of Burnside.

Thank you to everyone on the road for your cautious driving and bearing with us this summer with the traffic alterations.

Thank you trail users for finding other beautiful trails to discover while this small portion of the Wildwood Trail is closed.

If you are a member of the trail hiking or trail running community, please help spread the word that this portion of the trail is CLOSED with NO DETOUR until the opening of the bridge this fall. Trespassing on the site is dangerous and costing the project (your dollars), so please discourage people you know from planning to walk/run through the site. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy Washington Park and Forest Park’s trail system!  Please refer to this map for details on trail closure.

Site Mobilization is Complete & Construction Begins

If you’re driving on West Burnside or running or walking the Wildwood Trail, prepare to be frustrated—by some good news: the Barbara Walker Crossing is taking shape! 

Yes, all summer there will be some Burnside lane closures, along with the full closure of a Wildwood Trail section. But we know you agree: a little pain is worth the gain of a safe and beautiful new crossing for the 80,000 yearly users of the Wildwood Trail! 

Led by Shane Bliss and Chuck Roberts, our great team from R&H Construction has been digging out the hillside and installing micro-piles for the bridge’s south abutment and pouring footings for its single pillar. In the coming weeks, Supreme Steel will begin welding the sections of the curving steel span on Swan Island. Root for continued good weather. If all goes smoothly, we’ll crane the bridge into place in August and open the bridge mid-fall. 

Please do not go around the barriers to the Wildwood Trail. This is an active construction site. Besides risking injury or even delays to the project, it’s illegal. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy Washington Park and Forest Park’s trail system!


Trail Closure Details during the Barbara Walker Crossing Project's Construction Phase

Construction for the Barbara Walker Crossing is scheduled to begin at the end of March 2019. The project is expected to be complete by September 2019. This highly-anticipated project will close Forest Park’s Wildwood Trail south of Burnside for about 1000 feet, and north of Burnside to Pittock Mansion. See the latest press release and the map below for details.

Forest_Park_working map for temp closure_low rez.jpg