We have a Pier


It’s been an exciting month for the Barbara Walker Crossing. Things are really taking shape. Concrete has been poured for the north and south abutments and for the pier on the south side. As you drive (very slowly) passed the site, you will now see the pier sticking up on the south side of Burnside.

Thank you to everyone on the road for your cautious driving and bearing with us this summer with the traffic alterations.

Thank you trail users for finding other beautiful trails to discover while this small portion of the Wildwood Trail is closed.

If you are a member of the trail hiking or trail running community, please help spread the word that this portion of the trail is CLOSED with NO DETOUR until the opening of the bridge this fall. Trespassing on the site is dangerous and costing the project (your dollars), so please discourage people you know from planning to walk/run through the site. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy Washington Park and Forest Park’s trail system!  Please refer to this map for details on trail closure.