November 13, 2018 Update - "60% design" approval

Progress on Footbridge permitting continues!  In late October PPF received PBOT approval for its “60% design” submission. The 90% design documents are currently submitted and under review by PBOT and PP&R. 

Approval of the 60% design has several important impacts.  

(1)  It prompts formal notice by the City of the need for utility line relocation. 
(2)  It allows PPF to work with its general contractor on a near-final estimate of the project’s actual construction costs. 
(3)  It brings us closer to issuing the "notice to proceed" for steel fabrication off-site. On-site construction of the Footbridge's concrete pier and landings will begin this winter.

PPF is planning a public meeting in January 2019 to answer questions about the project and let the community know what to expect when construction on West Burnside begins.  We will send email announcements and post public service announcements of the meeting in coming weeks, as well as provide details here.

Continuing thanks to our donors, our project partners (especially kpff, Inc., R&H Construction, Ed Carpenter, Walker Macy, and Shiels Obletz Johnsen), the staff at PBOT and PP&R, and everyone else who is helping to make this project possible!