Parke Diem

OCTOBER 14TH & 15TH, 2016

Help us build up and beautify 50+ Portland parks! Questions?

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Community Garden Projects

Community Garden Projects

Natural Area Projects

Natural Area Projects

Neighborhood Park Projects

Neighborhood Park Projects

End Hunger: Did you know that last year Community Gardens donated over 42,000 pounds of fresh produce to local community banks? Help your community get the food it needs by volunteering for a Community Garden project at Parke Diem.


Give Air to the City: Did you know Portland's trees filter more than 25 million pounds of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, and sulfur dioxide out of the air each year? Help nature areas keep us healthy by volunteering for a Nature Area Project at Parke Diem.

Build Community: Did you know that communities with well-maintained parks are healthier and more safe? Help take care of this valuable local asset for children to play by volunteering for a Neighborhood Park Project at Parke Diem.

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Lead Sponsor

Thank you to Nike, our Lead Sponsor for this year's volunteer appreciation t-shirts and water bottles!


Major Sponsors


$15,000 for 15!

To celebrate our 15th Anniversary we are hoping to give at least $15,000 for Parke Diem projects in parks.  Your gift will make amazing projects all over the city happen.  Thank you for giving to Parke Diem today.